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Get an accurate assessment of your profile, complete with your Strengths, Weaknesses & a Final Verdict. Also, receive a score out of 100 and get to see where you stand among the competition.

Post the evaluation, we will send you an email with a Comprehensive Evaluation Report.
Let's start out with a few basic questions.

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(Some business schools give preference to women candidates owing to gender imbalance)

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What is your Nationality?

Have you taken GRE/GMAT?

What is your score?

Please just mention the final score
e.g 320 or 690
When are you planning to take it?

(Give us an estimate if you haven't decided.)
That's great, btw what is your college CGPA?

If your grades are in a different format, please convert them into a 10 point scale and input the data. (An estimate would work)

The next few questions might carry the most weightage in your profile evaluation. Try to be as genuine as possible.

What would you say was the rank of your Under Grad university in your country?

Have you been to other foreign countries?? If yes, for what reason.

How long have you stayed/resided abroad??

If the answer to the previous question is yes.

While not all business programs require work experience, having some kind of work and/or internship experience gives a competitive edge to your application, no matter where you apply.

Do you have any internship/work experience?

Work Experience

For how long have you been working?

Please specify which company.

For e.g- BNP Paribas, Ernst & Young
Do you have any work-place achievements?

Please tell us more about your work place achievements

(You may include leadership roles such as project management roles where you created a notable impact, receiving grants for research, receiving awards for excellence in work, etc)

How many internships have you completed?

Please specify which company/companies.

For e.g- BNP Paribas, Ernst & Young
You are almost 70% done. Just answer the next section seriously, the rest of the questions would go like a breeze.

Extra-curricular activities say a lot about you - in ways, scores and grades can't. It shows what you're passionate about and reveals a lot about your personality. Universities want to evaluate whether you share the same core values that they do.

Extra-curricular activites

Have you been involved in extra-curricular activities during college?

( Note - 1. Student organizations such as College Fests, Clubs, etc will be considered
2. Leadership position - President, General/Cultural/Technical Secretary, etc )

Have you volunteered/been a part of a NGO or a student-run organisation?

Please tell us about your experience

Have you actively been involved in sports?

Have you ever founded/started something? (e.g. Founded a startup or maybe started a NGO)

Tell us about your experience.

More and more Business schools are looking for people with an entrepreneurial spirit. Having started a venture can show your willingness to take measured risks and how you might grow professionally from getting a masters degree.

You can speak about your experience as a startup founder. How much money you raised from investors,how many people work under you, how long have you been running your venture or is the revenue increasing year on year. Stuff like that.
Do you know any foreign languages? Mention, if any.

Do you have any other notable achievements?

Tell us more about it.

(You may talk about your achievements in the terms of the skills that you acquired. Or how it differentiated you from the rest of the crowd. You can also mention the impact that you created due to your achievements, if any)
If you feel we might have missed out on asking something relevant to you, feel free to mention it down below.

That was a lot of questions! Don't worry just a few more to go..

Do you have any specific target colleges in mind??

Serving you guys with amazing and useful information comes at the top our list. That's why we want to make sure we are doing it right. We would love you to hear your views on a couple of things. It won't take more than a minute, we promise.

Shall we proceed?

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